Slow Burn – Track 01

Slow Burn – Track 02

Slow Burn – Track 03

Who remembers these 3 songs?

I was rummaging through my iTunes today, and I came across these 3 songs that I haven’t listened to in years.  I listened and I smiled.

Slow Burn was Await Rescue before it was Await Rescue, and it consisted of me (Andrew – Guitar), Matt (Drums), Kevin Tibbetts (Bass), and Peter Deluca (Guitar).  Few people have heard these, but this was the first time any of us entered a studio to record.

It was the summer of 2005 (I think), and my good friend Eddie Carlino ( told me that he had a friend who would record the song ideas that I had been playing all summer on every guitar and amplifier that he had in his store.  He said that the riffs I would play for him would get stuck in his head and that he was going to get them professionally recorded for us.  Thank you very much Eddie.

So Matt, Tibbs, Pete, and I practiced for what seemed like 3 days straight and then went into the studio and recorded and mixed these 3 songs in a single afternoon.  It was an incredible experience.

What I love about these tracks is how raw and full of energy they are.  The excitement that we felt to be recording for first time really translates into the performances on these tracks.  Listening to them brings me back to being in the control room of the studio, doing guitar overdubs, and rocking the fuck out while doing it.  Tibbs and Matt rocked out and recorded in the live room, and the rhythm section on these tracks is beast because of those two.

I loved it.  We knew the songs back and front and we were prepared to just go in and rock it.  There was no pressure, no expectations, just four friends being able to hear the songs their songs recorded for the first time.  Hearing the tracks back was an incredible experience that got me addicted to being in the studio.  To this day, there is nothing more satisfying for me than hearing back a song you just recorded for the first time.

One last thing about these tracks… “Track 1″ is my favorite and was the favorite of most people who heard these songs. Whenever I hear the guitar solo at the end of “Track 1″, I still get the same chills that I got when I heard it the first time.  What makes the solo section so powerful and aggressive isn’t the guitar playing, it’s the drum fill that Matt does at the end of it. Without the drums that solo section would be nothing, but the drums fit it perfectly and give that section all of its momentum. The funny thing about that part is that I though for sure I had fucked up the solo, but Ari said that was the keeper, and he was right.  One take.  Done.

Hope you guys get as big a kick out of these tracks as I did!

You can download them here: